Statutes of the Foundation


Chapter I. General stipulations


  1. The “Wielki Człowiek” Foundation, hereinafter referred to as the Foundation operates pursuant to the Act of 6 April 1984 on foundations, the Act of 24 April 2003 on public utility and voluntary services and the provisions of this document.
  2. The Foundation was established by Wojciech Kukuczka, hereinafter referred to as the Founder under the notarial deed drafted by Marta Wróbel-Konsek, notary in the notarial office at ul. Gliwicka 5/2 on 31 March 2013.


  1. The Foundation shall be seated in Katowice.
  2. The Foundation has been established for an unlimited term.
  3. The Foundation shall operate in particular in the Republic in Poland and outside the borders of the Republic of Poland.
  4. The Foundation may establish branches and representative offices.
  5. The branches and representative offices are established and closed subject to the Founder’s decision.
  6. The internal structure of branches and representative offices shall be determined by the Foundation’s Management Board under relevant resolutions.
  7. The Foundation may use the Foundation’s name translated into relevant foreign languages for the purpose of foreign cooperation.



  1. The Foundation has the legal personality.
  2. The competent minister for culture and national heritage provides supervision of the Foundations.


§ 4


The Foundation uses stamps bearing the Foundation’s identification data.

§ 5

The Foundation may establish certificates, badges, medals of honour and award them with other prizes and rewards to natural and legal persons who rendered great service to the Foundation  and contribute to the achievement of the Foundation’s objectives.

Chapter II. Objectives and terms of the Foundation’s operation

§ 6

The Foundation has been established to popularize, support and take actions contributing to the development of culture, art, education in the country and abroad, including protection of culture and national heritage.

§ 7

The Foundation operates for the benefit of the whole society, in particular artists, sportsmen and people who rendered great service to culture, art and sport in the country and abroad.

§ 8


The Foundation shall achieve its objectives through:

  1. promotion and support for talented artists and sportsmen in the country and abroad;
  2. support for artistic work, arts, education and sport in all their manifestations;
  3. establishment, management and support for institutions in the field of arts, education , sport, in particular such institutions as: galleries, museums, memorial rooms and in general centres of culture, arts, education and sport;
  4. initiation, organization and support for performances, concerts, shows, exhibitions, presentations, previews and any other presentations of artists in the country and abroad;
  5. initiation, organization and support for festivals, open-air workshops, competitions, workshops, lectures, courses, talks, author’s meetings and any events thematically related to the statutory objectives of the Foundation;
  6. initiation, organization and support for mountain expeditions, trekking, marathons and other forms of sport activities;
  7. foundation of scholarships and grants as a part of support for the activities relating to the Foundation’s objectives;
  8. initiation, support and operation in the field of education and teaching in the scope covered under the Foundation’s objectives;
  9. publishing activities in the scope covered under the Foundation’s objectives;
  10. initiation and support for all forms of activities required for preservation of knowledge and memory of outstanding artists, sportsmen and in general creators of culture;
  11. archiving material of significant artistic, substantive, historic and sport values;
  12. initiation and support for the activities aimed at revitalization of declined buildings and land for the purpose of their restoration for the purposes of support and popularization of culture, arts, education, sports.

Chapter III. The Foundation’s assets and income


The Foundation’s assets constitutes the founding capital of PLN 2,100.00 (in words: two thousand zlotys) , whereby the amount of PLN 1,000.00 (in words: one thousand zlotys) shall be spend for the business activity, and the amount of PLN 1,100.00 (in words: one thousand one hundred zlotys) shall be spent for the statutory activities. The Foundation’s assets shall also include other assets acquired by the Foundation during its operation.


The Foundation may also generate income from:

  1. donations, inheritances, bequests
  2. donations and subventions from legal persons
  3. sponsoring
  4. income from public funds raising and events
  5. income from the Foundation’s assets
  6. business activities pursued by the Foundations
  7. bank interests
  8. other sources

Chapter IV. Business activity


  1. The Foundation is entitled to conduct business activity on the general terms and conditions defined under separate regulations.
  2. The Foundation conducts business activity in the scope required for achievement of its statutory objectives.
  3. The Foundation conducts business activity in the scope required for achievement of statutory objectives , in particular:

46.43. wholesale of electric home appliances

46.49 wholesale of other home appliances

46.90 wholesale of non-specialist goods

47.19 other retail sale in non-specialist stores

47.61 retail sale of books in specialist book stores

47.63 retail sale of sound and audio-visual recordings in specialist stores

47.65 retail sale of games and toys in specialized stores

47.71 retail sale of clothes in specialist stores

47.78 retail sale of other new goods in specialist stores

47.91 retail sale by mail-order or the Internet

47.99 other retail sale outside the chain of stores, retail stands and markets

56.10 restaurants and other gastronomic points

56.30 preparation and  serving beverages

58.11 publishing books

58.19 other publishing services

59.11 production of films, video recordings and TV programs

62.01 activities relating to software

74.90 other professional, scientific and technical activities, not classified elsewhere

79.11 tourist agent’s services

79.12 tourist organization services

85.51 non-school forms of sport education and sport and leisure activities

85.52 non-school forms of artistic education

85.59 other non-school forms of educations, not classified elsewhere

90.01 activities relating to artistic performances

90.02 activities supporting artistic performances

90.03.artistic and literary creative activities

90.04 cultural objects activities

91.01 archiving services

91.02 museum services

93.12 sport clubs services

93.19 other activities related to sport

93.29 other entertainment and leisure activities

Chapter V. Foundation’s management authorities

§ 12

The Foundation’s authorities constitutes the Management Board, hereinafter referred to as the Management Board and the Foundation’s Founder, hereinafter referred to as the Founder.

§ 13

The Founder:

  1. The Founder appoints the Managements Board and the President of the Management Board.
  2. The Founder may dismiss members of the Management Board.
  3. The Founder makes decision regarding amendment to the statutes of the Foundation.
  4. The Founder makes decisions regarding the merger into another foundation or the Foundation’s liquidation.
  5. In case of the Founder’s death, his statutory duties shall be acquired by the Management Board.


§ 14

The Management Board:

  1. The Foundation’s Management Board is composed of 2 to 6 persons, including the President, who are appointed for a 6-year office term.
  2. The position of the member of the Management Board may be held for more than one office term.
  3. Membership in the Management Board shall cease as a result of :
  1. a written resignation  submitted to the Founder,
  2. loss of civil right as a result of final and binding court’s sentence for a crime committed due to intentional fault
  3. death of the member of the Management Board
  1. The Management Board manages the Foundation’s operation and represents it before third parties.
  2. The competences of the Management Board include all and any activities relating to the Foundation’s operation, in particular:
  1. setting main directions in the Foundation’s operation,
  2. manage the Foundation’s daily operation,
  3. achievement of the statutory objectives,
  4. drafting work plans and budgets,
  5. management of the Foundation’s assets
  6. representing the Foundation before third parties,
  7. employment of staff and determination of their remuneration,
  8. making decision in any other issues,
  1. The meetings of the Management Board are held when necessary, however not less frequently than once a year.
  2. The meetings are convened by the President of the Management Board by a notice specifying a date and place of the meeting, sent to all members of the Management Board.
  3. The Management Boar makes decision under resolutions adopted by simple majority of votes, with presence of at least half of its members. In case of equal number of votes , the vote of the President of the Management Board shall be conclusive.



Form of representation

  1. Declaration of will on behalf of the Foundation, including property matters  may be made by each member of the Management Board individually.
  2. In property matters exceeding PLN 5,000 signatures of two members of the Management Board acting jointly, including the President shall be required.


Chapter VI. Final stipulations


Any amendments to the Foundation’s statutes shall be implemented by the Founder. The amendments to the statutes must not  regard the objectives set in the deed of association.



  1. The Foundation is entitled to merge into another foundation for the purpose of efficient achievement of its statutory objectives.
  2. The Foundation must not merge into another foundation if the object the Foundation’s activities is amended as a result of such merger. 




  1. The Foundation shall be liquidated after achievement of the objectives it was established for or after its funds and assets have been exhausted.
  2. The Foundation’s Management Board notifies the competent minister for culture and national heritage of the Foundation’s liquidation.
  3. The funds and assets left after the Foundation’s liquidations may be transferred under a resolution adopted by the Management Board to organizations operating in the Republic of Poland which seek to achieve similar objectives.

The statutes adopted on 22 March 2013.

Signed by:

Wojciech Kukuczka