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”Mój pionowy świat” Jerzy Kukuczka, audiobook (PL)

“Mój pionowy świat” is an autobiographical book by Jerzy Kukuczka. It’s full of passion, commitment and dedication to mountains. It presents his way to climb all fourteen eight-thousenders, his emotional attitude to mountains and his climbing partners and a brief outline of Poland of that time and the situation the Polish Himalayan mountaineering developed in. But above all, it introduces readers into the psychological portrait of the best Polish climber of XX century and is a great opportunity to “get to know” Jerzy Kukuczka, his mountain stories, reflections and on occasion even his desires.

The book immediately captivated the hearts of its readers. Now, it’s time to listen to this amazing Himalayan story. In the recording the narrator’s – Jerzy Kukuczka’s section are read Piotr Gulbierz, and the foreword is read by Cecylia Kukuczka, the climber’s wife.