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Album "Mój Pionowy Świat"

Film "Jurek" Paweł Wysoczański

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“Na Szczytach Świata” ("At the top of the world") Jerzy Kukuczka and Tomasz Malanowski, the book (PL)

“Na szczytach świata” is a record of high-altitude memories of Jerzy Kukuczka, the best Polish climber of XX century. A long interview conducted and compiled by Tomasz Malanowski, a frank and open discussion of many mountain topics - the difficult beginning being the roots of his later Himalayan successes, struggling with yourself, the routes established on the world’s fourteen highest summits, climbing partners, death and friendship and the choice whether to help and put yourself at risk or save your own life, complicated preparations for expeditions which often started with paint works on factory chimneys as well as many other issues that were close to Jerzy’s heart. This is a simple and honest dialogue, far from the mountain martyrdom.

39,00 zł